Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Film Wisconsin" Brings Movie and TV Productions to Wisconsin

February 1, 2009:

"Film Wisconsin" Executive Director Scott Robbe, followed by an Open Phones Discussion about the Current Abundance of Great Films

Also, NARAL Executive Director Lisa Subeck on reproductive rights developments locally; then Lisa shares her thoughts about movies that advance social justice

And lots and lots of YOUR calls.... Thanks!

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We welcome special guest Scott Robbe, Executive Director of "Film Wisconsin." Producer\Director Scott Robbe returned to Wisconsin and in 2005 and shortly thereafter co-founded Film Wisconsin, working with Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton and others, where he now serves as Executive Director. Film Wisconsin has the goal of promoting Wisconsin as a venue for movie and TV production.

A native of Hartford, Wisconsin, Scott lived in New York for almost 25 years, before returning home first to Madison, and now to Milwaukee, several years ago. Prior to returning he created award-winning television and critically acclaimed independent films. His credits include film, television and commercials shot in the US, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean. Scott also produced a great variety of charity and fundraising events involving stars of the stage and screen, raising millions of dollars for AIDS Research and progressive candidates.

He's just returned from a 10 day trip to the Sundance Film Festival, and will be telling us about his choices for some of this upcoming year's most exciting films. And we'll be opening up the phones to hear your reviews of your favorite choices among films currently showing in Madison, and candidates for the Academy Awards.

Scott Robbe's producing credits include being the Supervising Producer for the launch of NBC\Bravo's hit Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. He has been a Consulting Producer and Line Producer for MTV Networks and also Line Produced "Everyday Elegance With Colin Cowie" for WE in New York. His "television specials," design and cooking shows have included work for Lifetime, Bravo, Martha Stewart and WE. He also has produced commercials for both the US and Japanese market featuring a long roster of "name" talent.

Scott has created shows for VH1 including Upfront with Melissa Etheridge, a "Storytellers" installment on the band BON JOVI and a concert for BOYZ II MEN benefiting the Save The Music Foundation for VH1. He served as Executive Producer for the film Seven and a Match by Derek Simonds, which premiered at the LA Film Festival and broadcast on The Independent Film Channel.

Previous to that Scott was the Line Producer for original programming at Lifetime Television. Some of the programming he helped create included Late Date, The Main Ingredient w\ Bobby Flay and Dianna - Legacy of a Princess for ABC\Lifetime. Other credits include being Director of Production for Comedy Central, including Line Producing their hit special Out There.

Past projects include dramatic TV movies for American Playhouse and the PBS series Wonderworks. His series The Independents garnered an ACE award and he served as Associate Producer for the series The Best of the National Geographic Specials. He has served as Executive in Charge of Production for the CTW movie special The House of Dies Drear.

Other work includes producing numerous corporate films, PSA's, promos and commercials featuring such talent as Jason Alexander, Sting and Charles Barkley for clients such as Fuji, GE Healthcare, Lucent Technologies etc.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Religion and Politics: The "Historic Jesus" Considered Alongside Religion and Politics Today

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On the January 25th edition.... Guests Chuck and Jean Pfeifer tell us about their upcoming Historic Jesus seminars, an attempt to understand Jesus amidst the political and social realities of his time. Past seminar participants have included people of many different backgrounds and faiths, including non-Christians, leading to fascinating discussions and areas of personal discovery.

Chuck Pfeifer teaches the seminar in collaboration with his wife, counselor and educator Jean Pfeifer. As he explains, "The life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth structures the exploration. The seminar focuses, not on the Christ of Christianity, but on this man, and asks how his life and teachings might inform the way we engage our own lives." The next session begins on a series of Saturdays, beginning Feb. 14th, although potential participants should call as soon as possible. Contact Chuck or Jean Pfeifer, 608.251.3125, or for information on class requirements and fees. (Some scholarships are available.)

Then our discussion assumes wider parameters, as we discuss the difficulty of engaging in the intersections of religion and politics today. Can someone be religious and also be gay? How do we discuss issues like Middle East policy while still being sensitive to religious faith and difference? Should politics and religion be allowed to mix at all?

Chuck was the founder of Madison Urban Ministry and served as its director for two decades, and continues to be a much-respected teacher and counselor in the area of spirituality. He and Jean offer their insights and opinions, and you joined in with your own great ideas! Many thanks.

Above: A Recent European Interfaith Gathering Designed to Produce a Greater Interfaith Understanding Of Islam

Above: President Obama and Rev. Wright; Evangelical Leader Rick Warren Moderates a Presidential Debate; Smear Campaign Against Obama Tries to Invoke Hatred Against Muslims; Obama at Jerusalem's Wailing Wall

Pre-Inaugural Special: With Special Reports from DC and your calls from Madison

On this, our last show before the inaugural of Barack Obama, we opened up our phones for callers to express their hopes and concerns as we begin the new administration. Includes calls from listeners on the ground for the inaugural in Washington, DC.

Also includes an exclusive interview with Harry Knox, of the Human Rights Campaign, on the Rick Warren controversy, and the announcement that openly gay Bishop Gene Robinson was to deliver the opening prayer at a major pre-inaugural event at the Lincoln Memorial.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

King Day Speaker Rev. Dr. Trinette McCray and a "Quaker-based" Approach to the Environment

Archived Audio Links:

Hour One: Right Relationship author Geoff Garver

Hour Two: Preview of King Day 2009 in Madison

Please scroll down for 2009 show details and archives, including our recent interview about life in the West Bank of Palestine with Sol Kelley-Jones and Nathan Beck.

Please note that our show is moving next Sunday to 2-3pm, still on WTDY Madison 1670, and still streaming and podcasting at

On the Sunday, January 11th Forward Forum:

Left to right, author Geoffrey Garver; King Day keynoter Rev. Dr. Trinette McCray; and King Day Coalition member Mona Adams Winston. (Not pictured: King Day Coalition member Ed Lee)

Building a Whole Earth Economy
King Day Weekend Preview

Please call us at 321-1670 to join in our conversation; US cellular users *123 and outside Madison at 1-877-867-1670 (both numbers toll-free).

7 pm Geoffrey Garver, co-author of "Right Relationship: Building a Whole Earth Economy";

For More on Geoff's book

City/County King Day Keynote Speaker, the distinguished Milwaukee civil rights leader, the Rev. Dr. Tinnette McCray, joined also by King Coalition members Mona Adams Winston and Ed Lee.

Madison/Dane County King Coalition Facebook Page

King Coalition to host inauguration celebration in Madison (TCT)

Urban League of Greater Madison

Background and Highlights of our 7 pm hour:

The failure of existing economic models based in short-term gain and greed is occurring simultaneously with a worldwide consensus that global warming, shrinking enegry resources, and other threats to our world must be addressed on a truly worldwide scale. And yet our efforts to regain economic health could very well lead to shortcuts that ultimately endanger the future of succeeding generations. What new ways are there to meet these immense and often contradictory challenges?

Geoffrey Garver, is co-author with Peter Brown, of "Right Relationship: Building a Whole Earth Economy."
This new book outlines a bold new model for a just and flourishing earth
• Analyzes why so many well-meaning reform efforts fall short
• Explains what everyone can do to make this new model a reality

As the book's authors state, "Our current economic system—which assumes endless growth and limitless potential wealth—flies in the face of the fact that the earth’s resources are finite. The result is increasing destruction of the natural world and growing, sometimes lethal, tension between rich and poor, global north and south. Trying to fix problems piecemeal is not the solution. We need a comprehensive new vision of an economy that can serve people and all of life’s commonwealth."

Peter G. Brown and Geoffrey Garver use the core Quaker principle of “right relationship”—interacting in a way that is respectful to all and that aids the common good—as the foundation for a new economic model. Right Relationship poses five basic questions: What is an economy for? How does it work? How big is too big? What’s fair? And how can it best be governed? Brown and Garver expose the antiquated, shortsighted, and downright dangerous assumptions that underlie our current answers to these questions, as well as the shortcomings of many current reform efforts.

Background and Highlights of our 8 pm hour:

Madison/Dane County and Wisconsin have a long history of providing meaningful gatherings for their citizen's on Dr. Martin Luther King Day (this year on Monday, Jan. 19th), with a state program at the Capitol over the noon hour, and a city/county celebration at the Overture Center beginning at 6pm. This year is no exception--and this year we also celebrate the added dimension of the pending inauguration of the nation's first African-American president.

We're honored to be interviewing this year's keynote speaker for the evening event, the Rev. Dr. Trinette V. McCray, the executive director of the Milwaukee-based "Center for Calling and Engagement," which includes programming that furthers partnerships in Milwaukee’s social justice and urban transformation efforts through churches and faith based organizations. We'll also be joined by King Coalition members Mona Adams Winston and Ed Lee, who will provide us with an overview of the full weekend's events.

Ordained in 1981 by the late civil rights leader, Rev. Dr. Ralph D. Abernathy, the Milwaukee-based Rev. Dr. McCray has over 25 years experience in local and national ministry and holds the distinction of being the first clergywoman to be elected president of the American Baptist Churches, USA. An advocate for those targeted by systemic poverty and domestic violence, Rev. McCray currently serves as president of the Housing Ministries of American Baptists in Wisconsin, as a board member of Sojourner Truth House, and as a county appointed official on the Milwaukee County Ethics Board. As an instructor in Urban Ministry at Cardinal Stritch University, McCray is the executive director of the Center for Calling and Engagement which includes programming that furthers partnerships in Milwaukee’s social justice and urban transformation efforts through churches and faith based organizations.


Special Note for This Week:

Forward Forum host John Quinlan began his duties this month as 2009 president of the United Nations Association-USA Dane County. Please join him and other UNA leaders this Tuesday, Jan. 13th when our guest speaker will be Mike Boehm, speaking on the topic "Hope Rises from the Ashes of My Lai"

Mike was the 2008 recipient of the UNA-USA/Dane's first ever Global Citizen Award.

Many of you will recall Mike's moving and memorable appearance on Forward Forum back in October. On Tuesday, night, Mike, a Vietnam vet will describe the transformation that occurred when he journeyed back to Vietnam 15 years ago, stopping in the village of My Lai, known for the infamous massacre of innocent civilians that occurred there. Mike has been a leader in transforming the horror of that experience into business support development for the women of My Lai, a peace park, and countless other world community-building projects.

The program starts at 7:15 pm in the main auditorium at Capitol Lakes Retirement Center, 333 W. Main Street. Free parking in the ramp across the street.

For more info, visit the website of the United Nations Association USA-Dane County.

And remember: Next week, join co-host Stephanie Woods and me at our new time: Sundays from 2-3pm, for a special preview of the Obama inaugural, featuring live reports from our correspondents in Washington and your calls.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Stories of Palestine -- “the birds that are your hands” -- with Sol Kelley-Jones and Nathan Beck

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Hour One, Segment One
Hour One, Segment Two
Hour One, Segment Three

Hour Two, Segment One
Hour Two, Segment Two
Hour Two, Segment Three

Photos by Sol Kelley-Jones

This is John Quinlan, with a description of a very special edition of "Forward Forum," a social justice-focused public affairs radio show, airing on WTDY, 1670 am in Madison, Wisconsin, Sunday evenings from 7-9 pm CT and streaming live and podcasting across the Internet on the website of WTDY. Send email to .

This show aired on Sunday, January 4th, and the following was posted just prior to the show:

Tonight, as Israeli troups advance upon the million and a half people living in the densely-populated Gaza Strip, following eight days of nonstop aerial bombardment that has killed and wounded hundreds of people, I ask you to contemplate what life must be like right now for the families and children of that war-torn land. And while the official Israeli government perspective on the current crisis can be found everywhere in the mainstream media, that same government has prevented the international newsmedia from entering the Gaza. As usually happens, the experiences of ordinary Palestinians are either going under-reported, or are simply going unheard.

And so on this week's show, through the eyes of two remarkable young adults, we hope to give voice to another important aspect of the Palestinian experience that usually remains invisible: the daily realities of life for families and children living in an Occupied land.

Our guests tonight are Sol Kelley-Jones and Nathan Beck, two committed 22-year-old college seniors who will share stories and insights gained from a journey they shared to the Israeli-occupied West Bank of Palestine in the early months of 2008.

Sol's poetry and prose and other multi-media depictions of life in the West Bank, juxtaposed with stories Sol experienced working on behalf of immigrant rights on the US-Mexican border near Tucson last summer, will be part of a play that Sol is writing and producing under the auspices of Madison’s Broom Street Theater. Entitled , “the birds that are your hands,” it will performed here for six weeks beginning March 19th.

Sol, a Madison native, traveled to the Middle East in the context of a Hampshire College internship, offering drama workshops with the goal of providing cathartic expression to Palestinian youth; Nathan, currently attending a liberal arts college in Lubbock, Texas, is a social justice and peace activist, whose work focuses on anti-colonialism. He grew up in Kenya, before returning to his native Texas as a teen. His social justice work with youth and adults has taken him to Zimbabwe, Rwanda, and most recently Palestine (in collaboration with the grassroots human rights group, Project Hope).

Sol and Nathan met in Palestine by chance, and their love has bloomed in the days since. This interview was conducted several days prior to the Jan. 4th, 2009 air date, on New Year's Day 2009, at Sol's family's home in Madison, during a holiday visit by Nathan.

As you tune in our program tonight (or listen later via podcast at wtdy dot com), we ask you to raise your deepest hopes and prayers tonight for all of the people of the Middle East, remembering especially the children….

This is the beginning of a new blog, that offers you the opportunity to respond to our programs, with your own observations and insights. Contact information for Forward Forum host/producer John Quinlan is at . We look forward to hearing from you.

Useful links
(provided by Sol Kelley-Jones and Nathan Beck)

Ma'an News Agency
B'tselem - Israeli Human Rights Group
The Electronic Intifada
Alternative Information
Free Gaza Movement
Project Hope(Nablus)
The Freedom Theatre (Jenin)
Birthright Unplugged

Independent news sources with fair coverage of the conflict in Israel/Palestine
Democracy Now!
Alter Net
Common Dreams