Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Religion and Politics: The "Historic Jesus" Considered Alongside Religion and Politics Today

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On the January 25th edition.... Guests Chuck and Jean Pfeifer tell us about their upcoming Historic Jesus seminars, an attempt to understand Jesus amidst the political and social realities of his time. Past seminar participants have included people of many different backgrounds and faiths, including non-Christians, leading to fascinating discussions and areas of personal discovery.

Chuck Pfeifer teaches the seminar in collaboration with his wife, counselor and educator Jean Pfeifer. As he explains, "The life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth structures the exploration. The seminar focuses, not on the Christ of Christianity, but on this man, and asks how his life and teachings might inform the way we engage our own lives." The next session begins on a series of Saturdays, beginning Feb. 14th, although potential participants should call as soon as possible. Contact Chuck or Jean Pfeifer, 608.251.3125, or cdpfeifer@tds.net for information on class requirements and fees. (Some scholarships are available.)

Then our discussion assumes wider parameters, as we discuss the difficulty of engaging in the intersections of religion and politics today. Can someone be religious and also be gay? How do we discuss issues like Middle East policy while still being sensitive to religious faith and difference? Should politics and religion be allowed to mix at all?

Chuck was the founder of Madison Urban Ministry and served as its director for two decades, and continues to be a much-respected teacher and counselor in the area of spirituality. He and Jean offer their insights and opinions, and you joined in with your own great ideas! Many thanks.

Above: A Recent European Interfaith Gathering Designed to Produce a Greater Interfaith Understanding Of Islam

Above: President Obama and Rev. Wright; Evangelical Leader Rick Warren Moderates a Presidential Debate; Smear Campaign Against Obama Tries to Invoke Hatred Against Muslims; Obama at Jerusalem's Wailing Wall

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